Trekking in the Ukrainian Carpathians

mountain tours in Ukraine

Ukrainian Carpathians still have a lot of wild and unfrequented places where nothing will inter­rupt your communication with nature. Here you can find route for new comers as well as for experienced travelers.

Stone scattering of Gorgany, wonderful lakes

of Svydovets, two-thousanders of Chornogora, mystique of Marmarosy – every corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians has its special features.

The highest mountain of the Ukrainian Carpa­thians is Hoverla (2061 m). Actually, entire Cho­rnogora mountain range is covered with

two-thousanders: Pip Ivan (2028 m), Brebe­neskul (2032 m), Petros (2020 m) etc.

Route can be designed for a day, a weekend or a whole week. You can choose a stroll with a light daypack or head for a real mountain challenge.

   TURE team offers you to discover

a wonderful world of the trekking in the Ukrainian Carpathians.


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Guides of TURE Team are travelers not only because of professional duties: traveling is a life style for them. They continuously improve themselves participating in intricate expeditions outside the Ukraine (Caucasus, Altai, Kola Peninsula, Tatry), avalanche awareness tutorials in Poland and Czech Republlic.


trekking in Ukraine

Day hikes from White Elephant Camp, long-lasting tours in the Carpathians, trekking to the highest mountain in Ukraine – Hoverla (2061) and other peaks; we are ready to design the itinerary and choose the route according to your wishes and needs, provide transfer service and necessary equipment rental.


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White Elephant Camp is located in the place, comfortable for starting or finishing mountain routes. From there you can reach to not very high but extremely picturesque mountain ranges as Kosarysche (1148), Krynta-Skupova (1583), Uhorski Skeli (1250) and also get to such giants of Chornogora as Pip Ivan (2028) on the top of which an abandoned observatory can be seen. Our guides will help you to plan your trip and provide informational support if you feel dispose yourself for independent travelling. Accommodation (tents, bungalow, hostel, cottage), catering, sauna, equipment rental, parking etc. - all at your service in White Elephant Camp.

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We are happy to design any other route for you, adjust duration and level of complexity to your demands and wishes.


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