Rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the Dniester

canoeing in Ukraine

Dniester - the third longest (1362 m) river in Ukraine - from Halych to Khotyn flows along a beautiful canyon. Dniester Canyon – 250 km long – is considered the longest in Europe. Special microclimate in a middle part of the Dniester – much warmer than in neighborhoods – causes rich flora and fauna of

the area and explains the name “Podillya subtropics”. These very features - tranquil flow, quite wild nature, old-growth forests and fantastic number of architectural and natural places of interest – make the Dniester highly attractive for active travelers. TURE Team offers canoeing and kayaking on the Dniester.

According to travelers’ wishes we can organize 1-day canoeing (kayaking) or a long-lasting tour, include excursions to natural places (as waterfalls, grottoes, caves) and architectural ones (as monastery in Yazlovets, fortress in Khotyn etc.).

   TURE team offers you to discover

an exotic world of the rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the Dniester.


rafting and kayaking on the Dniester

Guides of TURE Team are travelers not only because of professional duties: traveling is a life style for them. They continuously improve themselves participating and winning in lots of competitions on mountain rivers in Ukraine; TURE team organizes master classes where you can learn how to run a kayak.


canoe and kayak rentals

We use only tested boats: canoe, rafts, inflatable kayaks, double-kayaks, and recreational kayaks.


boat rental on the Dniester

All participants of water tours mandatory provided with life vests, also detailed briefing before canoeing/kayaking is held.


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Dniester gives lots of opportunities to combine canoeing/kayaking and excursions to Dzhuryn waterfall, Yazlovets monastery etc.; if you can carve out time only for one day, we design a suitable little route; in case you’re ready to spend a whole week on the exotic Dniester, we can provide an experience guide, catering, transfers, necessary equipment etc.


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White Bison Camp located on the Dniester bank offers travelers accommodation (bungalow, tipi, tents), catering, parking, rentals of boats, tents, sleeping backs, cycles. Our guides are ready to help travelers to plan their leisure and provide them with necessary informational support.

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Please, have a look at the example of our rafting tour on the Dnister.

We are happy to design any other route for you, adjust duration and level of complexity to your demands and wishes.