Cave tours in Ukraine

wild cave tours in Ukraine

Some like limitless landscapes seen from high peaks, some prefer mad kayaking on white water, and others beckon mysterious underground labyrinths.
Western Ukraine is a paradise for cavers, because here one can try himself in horizontal and vertical mazes. We offer underground adventures inside of the most interesting gypsum caves of the Western Ukraine.

Cave Mlynky is for the daredevils who like narrow passages, funny thrust and grand halls. All inconveniences in movement are with excess compensated with the underground wonders: odd sinter shapes crystals and ceiling, incredible photos and unforgettable experience. There are no tourists in total darkness in Mlynky, only shining lights make cheer stiff underground architecture.

Cave Optimistic is the longest gypsum cave in the world (the length of the open passages is 238 km). Cave Verteba is especially interesting from historical, cultural and anthropological points of view. The traces of Tripoli times people have been found here. It is one of a few cave museums in Ukraine where you can see the whimsical forms and an exhibition of household items of Trypillians.

   TURE team offers you to discover

a mysterious underground world of gypsum labyrinths.


Optymistychna Cave

Guides of TURE Team are travelers not only because of professional duties: traveling is a life style for them. They continuously improve themselves participating and winning in lots of competitions on mountain rivers in Ukraine; TURE team organizes master classes where you can learn how to run a kayak.


Mlynky Cave

We go in the caves only with a proven equipment. Flashlights are mandatory in Mlynky, in Optimistic also helmets. Before the tour we always provide safety and underground behavior briefing.



Verteba cave

You can choose the cave that is the most interesting for you or visit all at once, if you have a plenty of time. The tour in the cave goes well with rafting, canoeing on Dniester or cycling.



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We will select a route that will suit you the best, and include the items in the program that you desire to see; order transfers from the airport or other convenient place; take care of comfortable lodging and food.


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You can stop here between excursions to different caves to sleep in a cozy bungalow or a tent, have a delicious dinner, relax in sauna and have evening gatherings around the campfire.

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We are happy to design any other route for you, adjust duration and level of complexity to your demands and wishes.


CAVE TOUR: three caves