Rafting and kayaking in the Ukrainian Carpathians

white water rafting and kayaking in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the place where a great number of streams arise transforming into wild mountain rivers and giving life to mag­nificent landscapes. And also giving a great joy of unforgettable leisure to those who are eager to spend weekend or vacations in kayak, raft, overcoming turbulent rapids.

TURE team offers rafting and kayaking on such

rivers of Ukrainian Carpathians as Black Che­­remosh, White Cheremosh, Prut, Black Tysa, Svicha, Mizunka, Opir.

Most of them become available only in early spring when the flood usu­ally occurs. But Black Cheremosh with a chain of rapids (Dzembro­nia, Didiv likot’, Bila kobyla, Huchok, Huk) is ready to bring joy of rafting and kayaking from

spring till autumn. In rainless period when the river gets shallow we use smaller boats as kayaks and double-kayaks. In a low water time it is highly comfortable for new-comers to master kayak and acquire a priceless experience. In high water when Cheremosh becomes extremely wild and white watered you can challenge its speedy stream on raft with a qualified guide as a captain.

   TURE team offers you to discover

an exciting world of the rafting and kayaking in the Ukrainian Carpathians.


rafting in Ukraine

Guides of TURE Team are travelers not only because of professional duties: traveling is a life style for them. They continuously improve themselves participating and winning in lots of competitions on mountain rivers in Ukraine; TURE team organizes master classes where you can learn how to run a kayak.


kayaking in Ukraine

We use only tested boats: rafts for 4-8 persons, inflatable kayaks and double-kayaks, white water kayaks, 2-seated catamarans.


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All participants of water tours mandatory provided with life vests and helmets, also detailed briefing before rafting/kayaking is held.


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Depending on time you can dedicate to leisure in the Carpathians we can recommend rafting/kayaking for a couple of hours, a day, a weekend or several days; it is quite convenient to combine water entertainments with stroll to the picturesque mountains by foot, riding a cycle or a horse


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White Elephant Camp is located in the place, comfortable for starting or finishing mountain routes. From there you can reach to not very high but extremely picturesque mountain ranges as Kosarysche (1148), Krynta-Skupova (1583), Uhorski Skeli (1250) and also get to such giants of Chornogora as Pip Ivan (2028) on the top of which an abandoned observatory can be seen. Our guides will help you to plan your trip and provide informational support if you feel dispose yourself for independent travelling. Accommodation (tents, bungalow, hostel, cottage), catering, sauna, equipment rental, parking etc. - all at your service in White Elephant Camp.

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Please, have a look at the example of our rafting tour in the Carpathians.

We are happy to design any other route for you, adjust duration and level of complexity to your demands and wishes.


RAFTING TOUR: 4 days on the Black Cheremosh