Combined tours in Ukraine. All at once =)


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Combining is always good. And good combining is our job =).
What could be better than a journey, in which you visit the underground (caves), go rowing (on Dnister, Cheremosh, Prut, etc.) and climb mountains (in winter or summer), at the same time seeing a lot of interesting, historical, mysterious and mystical places?

Ukraine is all for You - and it has got a lot to be seen.
We offer multi-day tours, satisfying active and educational needs of travelers. After all, our country is rich on calm and turbulent rivers, high Carpathians, longest gypsum cave labyrinths in the world, Dniester Canyon, stretching for 250 km, ancient traditions and

talented people.

Hence, if it is difficult to decide what to choose, rafting, trekking, underground trip, bike tour or an excursion - it is all worth a try =).


   TURE team offers you to discover

Ukraine from water, in the mountains and underground.


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TURE Team  instructors are not only travelers for professional duty, traveling is their way of life. They are constantly being improved, taking part in difficult winter trips in the Carpathians, High Tatras, on the Kola Peninsula; win in tournaments on white water; attend workshops and avalanche training in Ukraine and abroad; train on slalom channels of Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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Whatever you choose to travel in Ukraine (canoe, kayak, bike or ski) - all is tested and reliable.


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Combined tour enables travelers to discover the country from many aspects, and us to apply a lot of years of experience and creativity. During the tour You will discover Ukraine calm and dreamy in a canoe on Dnister, violent and noisy - on a raft on Black Cheremosh, majestic - with blue peaks of the Carpathians, mysterious - in the underground labyrinth of caves, ancient and unique - in the frozen beauty of castles and fortresses.


bungalow in the Carpathians

We are ready to select a route that will  the best suit you, and include in the program the items, that you desire to see; as well as to order transfers from the airport or any convenient place, taking care of comfortable lodging and food.



Our camps are reliable islands of comfort in the Carpathians and on Dnister; at Your disposal are accommodation (bungalows, hostel, cottage, or tipi tent), meals, sauna, equipment rental, parking and more.

We travel with you

TURE team



Please, have a look at the example of our combined tour.

We are happy to design any other route for you, adjust duration and level of complexity to your demands and wishes.


COMBINED TOUR: all at once tour in Ukraine