Tour features

We offer four unforgettable days of skiing down the slopes of Shpytsi Mount (1863 m), Rebra Mount (2001 m), and Kedrovatyi Pohorilets Mount.

Exquisite and well-thought-out everyday routine, safety, and lo­gistics. So as to entirely focus on velocity, beauty, and satisfac­tion from turbulent skiing.

Mountain Hut nearby Gadzhyna track provides comfortable stay­ing in the mountains.

This tour demands some ski touring or off-piste skiing expe­rience to participate.

Зміна типу

White Elephant Camp

Gadzhyna Tract

Mt. Rebra

Mt. Rebra slope

Mt. Shpytsi

4 days

Tour description

What we offer is a sheer thrill on the best spots of Chornohora mountain ridge. We have one day to make a comfortable and unhasting ascending and some warm-up on the slopes of Gadzhyna Tract. Next three days we are making awesome lines on the fresh powder of Mt. Rebra (2001 m), Mt. Shpytsi (1863 m), and Mt. Kedrovatyi Pohorilets.

  • Our adventure starts at Mountain Hut located at Gadzhyna Tract in the area as if it was purposely created for extreme skiing. It’s a place where Chornohora mountain ridge and its spurs form a circus sheltered on all three sides. That establishes perfect conditions for snow gathering and preserving it from November to May.
  • Comfortable rest in Mountain Hut nearby the slopes, home-style delicious dishes are waiting for riders after freeride skiing. Convenient location enables reduction of stuff weight at the ascending stage and set your entire mind on freeriding.
  • Slopes various by their gradients and expositions allow choosing routes with different levels of difficulty even for beginners.
  • Mt. Shpytsi (1863 m) between the cliffs of which one can always find a fresh powder and a сolossal long slope of Mt. Rebra (2001 m) are considered to be special treats of this location.
  • attention! The tour takes place in the border area, so, please, do not forget about travelling passport. It’s obligatory.

The itinerary can be changed under the influence of weather, snow cover or physical shape of the participants.
Available discounts

Tour program

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

day 1 ascending to Mountain Hut, warm-up on the hills and slopes of Gadzhyna Tract

ARRIVAL to White Elephant Camp before 02:00 p. m.

We can meet you at the railway station or even at the airport of Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv and provide full package transportation services (additional payment is required).

  • lunch
  • fitting equipment, necessary arrangements before starting a ski trip
  • transfer to Bystrets village at 03:00 p. m. (optionally at 09:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m.) where the ski part starts
  • ski touring route Bystrets Village — Gadzhyna mountain meadow — Mountain Hut (1150 m)
  • chech-in
  • lecture and seminar "Safety in the mountains"
  • getting ready and equipment checking
  • dinner
  • warm-up on the hills and slopes in the neighborhoods

day 2 Shpytsi Mount (1863 m) 

  • early breakfast
  • ascent to Shpytsi Mount and freeride skiing to Velyki Kizly Spurs
  • warm highland lunch with delicious ЇDLO meal
  • ascent to Shpytsi Mount and a long lasting freeride skiing to Gadzhyna Tract
  • hot tea and sweets at the highland
  • freeride skiing on the slopes of Kedrovatyi Pohorilets Mount
  • dinner, friendly chattering, and sauna

day 3 Rebra Mount (2001 m)

  • early breakfast
  • ascent to Rebra Mount
  • freeride skiing on the slopes of Rebra Mount (2001 m)
  • warm highland lunch with delicious ЇDLO meal
  • freeride skiing on the slopes of Rebra Mount (2001 m)
  • hot tea and sweets at the highland
  • freeride skiing to Mountain Hut
  • dinner, friendly chattering, and sauna

day 4 Rebra Mount (2001 m)

  • early breakfast
  • ascent to Rebra Mount
  • freeride skiing on the slopes of Rebra Mount (2001 m)
  • hot tea and sweets at the highland
  • freeride skiing on the slopes of  Kedrovatyi Pohorilets Spur
  • lunch at Mountain Hut
  • check out
  • freeride skiing to the village of Bystrets
  • transfer to White Elephant Camp

END of the tour before 04:00 p. m.

We can provide transportation to Kyiv, Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk airports or any other place if you are proceeding your travel within Ukraine (additional payment is required).

Price includes

Mountain Hut accommodation
services of experienced guides
meals according to the itinerary

local transfers according to the itinerary​

Price doesn't include

ski set and freeride set (skis, snowboard, splitboard, ski climbers, helmet, goggles, ski poles, snow boots or hiking boots, snow shoes)
avalanche package (transceiver, shovel, probe)

Additional entertainment and services

rent of shoe covers, gloves and balaclavas

shuttle services, including airport transfers from/to Kyiv, Lviv, or Ivano-Frankivsk airports

Safety of every participant is a high priority question for us.

We carefully monitor the snow condition on the slopes. We re­gularly make probing and ava­lanche tests just after altering the snow condition.

We are on the operational line with state and public rescue ser­vices.

Every year our guides improve their skills and knowledge in ava­lanche rescue training.

Avalanche package is an obliga­tory attribute for every parti­cipant.